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The wood processing company Holzwerke Bullinger GmbH & Co.KG in Neuruppin, Brandenburg is one of the largest European manufacturers of composite lumber. While timber prices have been steadily rising over the past years, the significance of efficient regenerative raw material handling has become equally important.  VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency (ZRE) online tools provide co-workers with an overview of possible resource efficiency potential. The resource check delivers the initial indicators. When further information is required, the VDI ZRE telephone service office provides assistance. Calling in an external advisor may also be a shrewd step. Implementing the VDI ZRE cost structure calculator, advisors gain an initial impression of company overhead. The cross-sectorial comparison quickly reveals whether and which costs are higher than average.

Once this groundwork has been laid, the resource efficiency advisor now analyses the production process. Step by step, each work procedure and the corresponding flow of material is examined. At Holzwerke Bullinger, a simple one-time investment of 4,000 to 5,000 euros brings a savings of 81,400 euros. As a result of the consultation, Holzwerke Bullinger has increased composite lumber production efficiency, an important step in holding one’s own in global competition.

VDI ZRE does more than provide advisors with the tools to unlock company resource efficiency potential.  Every year, VDI ZRE carries out in-house hands-on training or learning factories such as the one at the Ostfalia College in Wolfenbüttel. There are also seminars to train resource efficiency advisors, running over several days. In addition to the general basics, participants learn to compile the energy and material usage during a given process, as well as the knowledge to correctly analyse this information with the appropriate tools.

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