Producing with sunlight – process heat

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In this country, solar thermal installations ensure that hot water for the shower is available at your home, above all during summer, although there is a considerably greater potential for the energy from the roof. More than 20% of the thermal energy required by industry ranges below 100° C, which means: this power could largely be provided by the sun. Bakeries already use solar thermal installations to heat their process water for cleaning purposes and in electroplating companies, they are used to bring the tanks to the required temperature. In addition, there are many other branches of industry, in which the use of “solar process heat” could be increased. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control offers attractive funding options for this technology. The amortization time of the installations will thus be reduced to a few years. If companies increasingly rely on the sun, they will be able to save large amounts of fossil energy and thus a lot of money.

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